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Our company was formed by a union of private persons in 1998. Our main function is the recruiting, organizing, selection, lending and recruitment of workers as well as total arrangement of labour projects. The establishment of the enterprise was motivated by the appearing chances of changing market mechanism both on the demand and the supply side of labour market. According to our experience the claims to a mobil skilled and all-round worker are strongly increasing. On the other hand the seasonal and casual workers are much in demand depending of the capacity of the firms.

Lack of workers appeared in many professions, so the companies try to satisfy their needs for workers, apart from the traditional forms, by adopting new methods. For example they ask enterprises in the field of lending and recruitment of manpower for help. Since our formation, we have gained many experiences in the field of lending and recruitment of manpower. We provide employees for our assignors in the scope of manpower–lending and recruitment and we can find the appropriate employee fast and in many respects in our database. The circle of applicants is extremly wide: casual and semi-skilled workers inquire as well as professional, foreign language-speaker, skilled experts holding a top post, who are waiting for offers and better opportunities than their present jobs, do.

The most important virtue and advantage of our services for our partners are that we react on the appearing demands fast and flexibly, we save time, money and energy with that there’s no need for searching collagues by advertisements and for spending time dealing with the applicants. In case of manpower lending we relieve our partner from a big part of administration in connection with the employment of a worker. We can find the appropriate employee for our partner’s demands with the help of our database and relationship. It had been working as a co-operative since 26 February, 2001 and then it became a limited liability company (Ltd).

To be suitable for the inacted and revised Legal Code of Labour on 1 July, 2001 we were among the firsts to be registered in the county labour centre. To improve the efficiency of daily work and to meet the requirements of customers in 2006 we made up and introduced our quality-control system which suits the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. It is revised and certified by the auditor of Det Norske Veritas Magyarország Kft.