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The RENT-A-MEN Kft fixed its commitment for quality in its quality-policy. Our work in lending and recruitment of manpower and our applied processes are characterized by the quality work and vocation for quality development for the sake of meeting the requirements of our assignors always on as the highest level as possible.

We aimed at that our activities are carried out:

  • reliably

  • by the deadline

  • according to the specification of the contract

  • in better and better quality.

  • We are aware of that the quality of our activities and srevices can only be improved by cooperating with our partners and taking their remarks into consideration.

Our aims:

-We provide so means for our service processes that comply with our time’s requirements and help on the proper and quality working.

-When we choose our suppliers we endeavour to charge the best partners.

-At our company we maintain, operate and continuously develop the ISO 9001:2000 standard quality control system.

For the sake of our causes:

-We insist on the reliable and the good quality work during our activities, which are carried out with taking our Assignor’s demands into consideration.

-The problems and the mistakes in connection with our activities are continuously got rid of.

-When we choose the workers we endeavour to charge the best experts and collective for the given task.

-Further vocational training is continuously provided for our colleagues.

-The level of our activities is judged by the satisfaction of our partners and we regard it as the basis of our improvement.

Our company interprets the quality work as knowing and observing the documentations, the laws, the standards and the specifications as well as providing services that satisfy our partners’ demands for the sake of being indespensable in the competitive market.

It is shown by the basic principle that is realized and applied on each level of our activities:

Quality, reliability, and punctuality for the confidence of our partners!

Kazincbarcika, 1 August 2006.

Szcs Tamás