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The concept of manpower-lending is defined by the Mt. 193II § a.


An activity when the lender lets the borrower have the employee, who is employed by the lender in order to lending, for working in return for value.

Particular employer’s advantages:

-the lended worker does not become a member of the permanent staff of the firm (does not draw the headcount)

-quickness; satisfy the demands quickly

-the lender guarantees for the employee

-the firm saves trouble with administration (administration of dismissal and employment, term of notice, labour disputes etc.)

-the redundancy pay can be saved

-the service can be asked for a particular project, time and staff numbers

-the lended staff numbers can be increased and reduced flexibly

-’getting rid of’ the not well-tried workers is simple

We offer you the following advantages:

-We do the looking for workers

-We collect and select the CVs

-We organize the interview, where you can choose the most appropriate applicant

-For the sake of much better selection we use differen types of methods (e.g. tests)

-We relieve the employer of all the burden of administration

-In case of being ill we provide a new worker

-If you are not satisfied with the worker we offer an other one

We do the followings instead of you:

-dismissal and employment of workers

-making the contract of employment

-wage accounting

-paying in the employer’s and employee’s taxes

-paying into the private pension fund

-supplying information for the authorities

-solving the problems of workers in connection with administration

Further advantages:

-the employees, who are employed by us, do not come under the collective agreement of the partner enterprises

-according to the 2003 Corporation tax-law, the lended workers can be counted into the average statisfical number