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Recruitment of manpower

Our company, the RENT-A-MEN Kft, has been presenting in the field of lending and recruitment of manpower since 1998. Our activities are chosen on the basis of the receipt requests and surveying of labour market, so we provide our customers efficient sollutions for their demand on manpower. Our aim is to find the most appropriate nominees from our database as fast as possible for the sake of that our partners can continue their activities indisturbedly. If we can not find any proper nominees there then we are going to look for her/him with different recruiting (advertisement, direct request) methods.

During the manpower recruitment we help our partners with finding the appropriate nominees within short time, we check their professional experience, we test their abilities and we guarantee for the suitability of the worker chosen by our partner.

An important difference in this constraction is that our assignor enters into the labour contract with the chosen nominees.


-comfortable, because our company selects the CVs

-for the sake of selection we use different types of interview methods and tests

-you pay only for a successful recruitment

-our nominees are guaranteed for 3 months